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The Country Hotel Anna’s Environmental Policy and Commitment

  • To achieve a solid environmental control of the company and its close environment.
  • To comply with all laws and regulations concerning environmental matters.
  • To reduce pollution and waste by recycling, re-using, saving energy and water, as well as using environmentally-attested products.
  • To ensure, as far as possible, that all products and substances used in the hotel are of natural origin and environmentally marked.
  • To co-operate with others, such as local authorities, the tourist industry and the public, in promoting awareness of the environment.
  • To offer to all our employees the training and knowledge needed to achieve our goals.
  • To use locally-made products as far as possible.
  • To employ local people or from countries with a high level of unemployment, providing there is a valid agreement on co-operation between Iceland and the country in question.
  • To comply with the annual requirements of the Icelandic Tourist Board on quality control.
  • To annually review our environmental policy.
  • To respect local history and promote it to our guests.
  • To sell woollens made locally or by our closest kin.
  • To promote local hiking paths and relate the history of such paths through information signs.
  • To increase vegetation, such as with the planting of trees, for beautification and shelter.
  • We intend to carry out our environmental policy, amongst other things, through renewable energy (our own heating utility and electricity supply system), the purchase of local raw materials and environmentally-attested soaps and detergents.

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